Tennessee State football player who suffered brain injury during game speaks out in new interview

Credit: WSBTV.com

Credit: WSBTV.com

Doctors didn't think he'd survive. Now, the college football player who suffered a severe injury during a game is making incredible strides.

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Atlanta's WSB-TV has been following Christion Abercrombie's story since the very beginning.

The Tennessee State player, who is an Atlanta native, collapsed during a game against Vanderbilt last September.

"I had problems with memory in the beginning, but now it's coming back to me," Abercrombie told WSB-TV's Audrey Washington.

After the accident, Christion was rushed to the nearest hospital in critical condition.

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Doctors determined that Christion suffered from a number of strokes and had a severe brain injury. His chances of making it through the night were slim. But Abercrombie's parents never left their son’s side.

The Abercrombie family started a GoFundMe account to cover Christion's rehab. You can learn more here.

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