Tom Brady does not want radio announcer fired

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady does not want the sports radio host who made uncomplimentary remarks about his 5-year-old daughter fired, ESPN reported.

“We all have careers and make mistakes,” Brady said during Super Bowl LII Opening Night. “I’d hate for someone to have to change their life over something like that. That was certainly not what he intended.

“I certainly hope the guy isn’t fired.”

While discussing the opening scenes of a documentary about Brady called “Tom vs. Time,” Thursday night, Alex Reimer referred to Brady’s daughter Vivian as “annoying,” followed by an uncomplimentary phrase.

Brady's fans and radio station WEEI condemned the remark on Twitter, but it went mostly unaddressed by the station until Monday morning.

When Brady joined the “Kirk & Callahan Show” for his weekly segment on the air, he cut his interview short and said he was disappointed to hear about the remark.

“I just thought it was not very appropriate,” Brady said Monday night. “Look, I think we all go through our life and sometimes we say things we shouldn't say or make mistakes, and that happens. I can express it and you move on.”

Last week, Entercom, which is WEEI’s parent company, announced a multiyear partnership extension with the Patriots, ESPN reported.

WEEI and Entercom issued a statement on Monday, saying “We are disappointed and embarrassed by Alex Reimer's on-air comments made last Thursday evening. His remarks were utterly indefensible, and mean-spirited commentary directed in any way at children is wholly inappropriate. Mr. Reimer remains suspended indefinitely from all WEEI platforms.”

Brady said Monday night that he expected criticism about his play, but added that making derogatory comments about his family crossed the line.

“I just know everybody is real protective of their kids,” Brady said Monday night. “I never stayed away from criticism. I understand that criticism is part of sports. But I certainly don't think that my children or anybody else's children deserve to be in that. And that's what I said.”

Credit: Elsa

Credit: Elsa

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