Video of postgame incident at UD Arena after A-10 title game goes viral

A-10 considers matter closed; while St. Bonaventure and UD did not comment

An incident involving a St. Bonaventure team videographer and a UD Arena security guard has attracted national attention. A Dayton Daily News video of the incident, which can be viewed at the top of this story, had received 294,000 views on Twitter as of Tuesday, and a photo by UD student Griffin Quinn went viral.

As St. Bonaventure celebrated its Atlantic 10 Conference tournament championship victory Sunday against Virginia Commonwealth, Nathan DeSutter, a digital media director for St. Bonaventure, went onto the court to shoot video of the team. He was stopped by a security guard, who pointed toward the corner of the court as he put one hand on DeSutter’s body.

DeSutter then ran away from the guard as the Bonnies jumped on the press row table to celebrate in front of their fans. As DeSutter tried to shoot that scene, the guard grabbed DeSutter’s shirt and then put him briefly in a headlock. He walked him off the court as DeSutter protested.

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By that point, the St. Bonaventure players had noticed the incident and came over to intervene on DeSutter’s behalf. Then St. Bonaventure coach Mark Schmidt joined the group.

Credit: David Jablonski

Credit: David Jablonski

The guard told the players and Schmidt, “He’s not allowed on the court. I told him five times to stay off the court.” The exchange was captured on the Dayton Daily News video.

Minutes later, as the trophy celebration took place, DeSutter was allowed on the court by the A-10. Other photographers and videographers shot the celebration from behind press row.

According to a source within the Atlantic 10, the whole incident was a misunderstanding. The guard was trying to do this job, the source said, and saw the camera and thought DeSutter wasn’t allowed to be on the court. However, DeSutter was part of St. Bonaventure’s Tier 1 traveling part and did have a credential around his neck proving that he had access to the court at that time.

UD Arena always has security guards at each corner of the arena, keeping an eye on fans and making sure no one who doesn’t have access to the court stays in the stands. In most years, photographers and videographers are allowed on the court and sit on the baseline near the basket. With COVID-19 restrictions, photographers and videographers shot games from the front row behind the basket this season. Team photographers and videographers always have extra access to the court or locker rooms.

St. Bonaventure and Dayton did not comment on the incident. According to the A-10 source, the conference looked into the incident and now considers the case closed.

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