Immersive virtual reality experience now open at Liberty Center

Sandbox VR offers six different options for game players.

LIBERTY TWP. — A new, free-roam virtual reality experience is now available in Liberty Center with the recent opening of Sandbox VR. The 5,600-square-foot location marks Sandbox VR’s first opening in Ohio.

“We offer the world’s most immersive and most advanced virtual reality entertainment experience,” said Josh Cole, senior vice president of marketing at Sandbox VR. “Sandbox VR truly is immersive, so we really pride ourselves on that.”

Sandbox VR at Liberty Center, near AC Hotel by Marriott and The Roosevelt Room, offers four virtual reality rooms, known as holodecks, with six different immersive experiences, including its latest Deadwood Valley.

With Deadwood Valley, it’s a zombie game. So, the participating team is working to defeat a hoard of zombies to save the lives of some scientists. Players receive points individually and can succeed or fail as a team. The team aspect is a big part of the experience, and all of the experiences are created to be social. All the members of the team work together to achieve a goal.

Other experiences include Amber Sky 2088, Curse of Davy Jones, Deadwood Mansion, Star Trek: Discovery and UFL Unbound Fighting League.

When guests go to Sandbox VR with a group of friends or family, it’s a social experience between two to six people. The group will choose from one of the six experiences that are available and enter a holodeck to experience one of the games.

“We like to think of it as bringing video games to life. Our games or experiences are created in-house. They are exclusive to us. You can’t play them anywhere else. You have to play them at Sandbox VR,” said Cole.

During each 30-minute experience, players are equipped with a VR headset, a haptic vest, a backpack, and motion sensors on their wrists and ankles, which allow for full-body tracking. During the encounter, participants will be able to see and interact with other members of the team through VR goggles, while they free-roam to complete the experience. The overall experience is about 45 minutes. Another unique feature is guests get to watch a video of their experience once it is completed.

“We really embrace and love the way people come together and have fun and are laughing. They watch the videos and they’re laughing. We call ourselves ‘socially immersive virtual reality’ and we have truly made the game so that to defeat the zombie, for example, your group has to work together,” Cole said.

Players will have experiences such as defeating zombies in a haunted mansion or participating in a family-friendly Star Trek space mission.

“When you go into one of our games, it’s like walking into a video game or your favorite action movie. The action is happening all around you, beside you, below you, above you, and you are part of the action. You’re watching it, living it, breathing it and doing it,” Cole said.

With more than 25 virtual reality entertainment locations worldwide, Sandbox VR offers a socially immersive gaming experience that provides players with a unique combination of full body motion capture and VR technologies, transforming from real life to a virtual world.

Another Sandbox VR will open Dublin, Ohio this fall with four holodecks and the same six experiences. A St. Louis location is also scheduled to open in November.

For more information, or to make a reservation, visit Advance online reservations are encouraged. However, walk-ins are welcome.

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