Works by local father and son exhibiting at Middletown Arts Center

Wildlife art enthusiasts will find artwork available for purchase in all price ranges.

The Middletown Arts Center is now presenting “The Wildlife Art of Christopher B. Walden” in its main gallery alongside the works of the artist’s son, Logan Walden.

Logan Walden will have his latest series of expressive, acrylic paintings “Free Bird,” in the MAC lobby gallery. This is the first time the father and son will have their work displayed together.

“Our region is home to countless talented creatives, all an integral part of arts and culture in Ohio. The history we share with Chris Walden is part of what makes this exhibit so intriguing. Additionally, the opportunity to help promote the mission of another non-profit, Red Riding Hood Rescue Project, creates a meaningful opportunity for our community. Now that Logan Walden is exhibiting at the MAC alongside his father, this story seems to have come full circle. The MAC is delighted to celebrate the generations of artistry and share them with our community,” said Kate Dykes, executive director.

As an internationally known artist, Christopher Walden brings his love of nature and the outdoors to the MAC. Originally from New Zealand, Walden has made his life’s work about the conservation of wildlife and promoting his love for nature. For years, Walden has used his talents and artwork to help raise over $28 million in funding for wildlife and conservation efforts.

The exhibit will feature an extensive collection of his realistic works as well as several opportunities to see him at work. Visitors will enjoy a display of nearly 100 works including originals and giclées as well as large and small prints. Wildlife art enthusiasts will find artwork available for purchase in all price ranges. As with most of Walden’s projects, he has directed a portion of proceeds from exhibit sales to support a local organization, The Red Riding Hood Rescue Project, an area wolfdog rescue.

“My hope for this exhibit is to help support the Middletown Arts Center and Red Riding Hood Rescue Project financially, and to showcase my most recent works. My first exhibit at MAC was in 1981, this is my first exhibit since then and I’m proud to be collaborating with my son Logan who is also a full-time artist and my youngest son Brennan, who is a professional songwriter and musician, who will be providing the music for the reception. This body of work will be a precursor to a book that my oldest son Ryan Walden and I will be working on this year. His expertise with the narrative will be most valuable. I guess working and collaborating with my sons would be the most exciting and important part of the show for me personally,” said Chris Walden.

Walden’s son Logan will be exhibiting alongside his father Chris in the MAC Lobby Gallery. While their artistic styles are different, Logan Walden is paying homage to his father by presenting “Free Bird,” a series of paintings in his own surrealistic style focused on the diverse and vibrant colors of birds from around the world.

“I am exhibiting work alongside my Dad, which is a huge honor for me, because he’s been like a central point for me to even do art. So, it will be the first time we’ll be exhibiting together,” said Logan Walden.

The opening reception is today, Friday, Sept. 8.

“The Wildlife Art of Christopher B. Walden” Annual Reunion Exhibit in memory of Gordon and Betty Hughes will be exhibited until mid-October.

Chris Walden will also participate in the Port Middletown Arts and Music Festival from noon to 4 p.m Saturday, Sept. 9. Community members can watch him work while he draws from a live animal model, Lava, a wolfdog ambassador from Red Riding Hood Rescue Project.

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