Hiring Hotdogger: Oscar Mayer is looking for the next Wienermobile driver

American meat and cold cuts company Oscar Mayer has announced its search for the next "hotdogger," according to WKRN News.

The hotdogger will drive the Wienermobile in addition to being the brand’s ambassador. The job requires appearing at charity events, media interviews, and visits to grocery stores and the military.

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The announcement asks for candidates with "an appetite for adventure, a friendly personality and boundless enthusiasm."

The position lasts for one year starting in June and is “100% travel.” Applicants should have at least a bachelor’s degree in art or science specializing in public relations, communications, journalism, advertising or marketing. Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due by Jan. 31 to find out if you cut the mustard.

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You can send your resume to:

Oscar Mayer

Attn: Hotdogger Position

560 E Verona Ave Verona, WI 53593

Or e-mail it to wmrequest@kraf theinzcompany.com

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