CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen chat with Dave Chappelle from Yellow Springs

Dave Chappelle on Yellow Springs: “We like to get it in and party and have a good time.”

He rubbed elbows with Hollywood's elite for Christmas, but Dave Chappelle was back in his little village of roughly 3,490 for New Year's.

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CNN 2019 New Year's Eve hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen interviewed the internationally-known comedian and star of "A Star is Born" via satellite as he attended the New Year's Eve celebration in downtown Yellow Springs.

The street party included a ball drop.

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Sporting a Yellow Springs Brewery cap, Chappelle said he was deep in the heart of Trump Country.

“But the town that I am in is a little itty bitty Bernie Sanders Island in the Trump Sea,” he said. “We like to get it in and party and have a good time. And we are celebrating the New Year just like the rest of the world.”

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The night before, Chappelle had been at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas  for the Controlled Danger show with singer John Mayer.

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“I love it that you went back home to celebrate (New Year’s) with your friends,” Cohen said before asking  Chappelle’s  about Kevin Hart's short-lived Oscar hosting gig.

"I was afraid you were going to ask me about that," Chappelle said. " You know what man, Kevin Hart is a great comedian and I’m sorry he won’t be hosting the Oscars. I don’t know who they are going to get to host."

Asked if he would host the Academy Awards, Chappelle said, “If they are mad at Kevin, I think they’d be untenable if I did it.”

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Chappelle appeared on CNN 2018 New Year's Eve special with Mayer.  
This year he attended the Kardashian Christmas party in Los Angeles and decribed it as "like being on the set of 'Frozen'" to Cooper and Cohen.


“It was beautiful,” he said. “It was one of the most elaborate house parties I have even been to. It was great.”

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Asked by Cohen what he makes of things in Washington these days, Chappelle said the following:

“Right now, I am just trying to focus on the most positive thing. I am wishing love to my countrymen. I am hoping we have a better year in 2019 and that we find a way to be cohesive as a community and as a nation. And that’s why I am here. Everything starts local. Be kind to your neighbors, everyone. Have a Happy New Year and know that Dave Chappelle loves you no matter what you think of him.”

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Chappelle told the host that 2018 marked the best year of his professional career.

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Aside from his a role in critically-acclaimed “A Star is Born,” Chappelle  released four comedy specials in 2018 and took home the Grammy for Best Comedy Album.

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