Sheryl Crow says she will release her last album in 2019

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer

Sheryl Crow says she will release her last full-length album next year.

The musician told WFPK's Kyle Meredith late last month that she will continue to write and record songs and release them as singles.

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Crow told Meredith that she has been recording with artists who she's admired for a while, including Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, Joe Walsh and Don Henley. She also used vocals from the late Johnny Cash on a song.

"I really love the record so much," she said. "At the same time I think, you know, 'How would I follow that up with an album?' And I do think that albums as an art form are a little bit of a dying art form. People are more interested in singles.

“I’ve sort of made the decision in my head that the record that comes out next year will be my last full album and I’ll just start putting songs out, and that feels good to me. It feels great not to spend the time in the studio to make a fully realized conceptual album but just to put out really pertinent songs that feel immediate.”

Crow's latest single, "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You," is out now through digital distribution startup Stem.

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