Skyline is changing from Pepsi to Coke

Credit: Skyline Chili Facebook

Credit: Skyline Chili Facebook

CINCINNATI — There’s been quite a few shake ups in the Cincinnati chili world in the past year — from the Bengals’ new partnership with Skyline to a new CVG chili offering to the launch of the first Cincinnati Chili Week — but Cincy wasn’t prepared for the newest change: Coke products at Skyline.

Skyline’s new partnership with Coca Cola forms what its social media boldly proclaimed as a “Power couple.” But Cincinnatians themselves have had mixed feelings about the change in carbonated offerings.

“Well that was a mistake,” one Instagram user commented on Skyline’s post.

The change isn’t coming until April, so fans of the Pepsi-partnered menu options have a little bit of time to take advantage.

A screenshot of the announcement also made its way to Reddit where users asked the tougher questions, like “What will happen with Dr. Pepper?”

While that’s still unknown, Dr. Pepper falls under the 7UP company — which is owned by neither Coke nor Pepsi. So while it’s usually distributed by PepsiCo, there’s still a chance it could be sticking around.

Skyline fans were quick to point out that there is certainly cause to mourn one soda option: Mountain Dew.

The switch on Skyline’s part means the Dew will no longer be available to pair with an order of coneys, or anyone else’s favorite chili option. Whether Mellow Yellow, which is offered by Coca Cola, is an appropriate substitute was still up for debate among the masses online.

So, whether Skyline and Coke will truly be Cincinnati’s newest “power couple” remains to be seen at the moment, but perhaps — like when Frisch’s made a similarly bold move, rocking the local culinary pop-scape — we’ll all eventually get used to it.

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