This Fat Cat Burger is totally pounce-worthy

You don’t need deep pockets to afford the Fat Cat Burger.

At McNasty’s Mobile Food Truck, you can get your paws on one for $8.50.

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The burger starts with a thick, hand-shaped patty. Add to that a half-inch slab of pastrami. But we’re nowhere close to done at this point. A blanket of oozy-melty Swiss cheese is so thick it starts running down the sides, covering up the double layer of meat. Then, a generous layer of caramelized onions adds a pleasant sweetness, purr-fectly counterbalanced by a final topping of Dijon mustard.

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This is a mountain of a burger – not enough to feed a small litter of friends, but at least enough to share with a buddy. I spilt the Fat Cat with my colleague Michelle Fong, and hours later, neither one of us could entertain the idea of eating a bite of anything, not even leftover office doughnuts. Nada.

“Eating that burger has made me sleepy,” Michelle said, grabbing her empty coffee cup and heading to the breakroom.

Indeed, a cat nap would be good about now.

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And let us add one finicky little quibble: The Fat Cat is the equivalent of two normal-size burgers, and the structure of the bun is compromised by the sheer weight of the goodies. If there has ever been the need for an industrial strength bun, this is the sandwich, which comes with a generous side of chips. We admit we're being picky -- the bun issue is nowhere close to cat-astrophic.

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