You’ll find plenty to like at Linardos Villa in Springfield

The Linardos family has been cooking up a varied menu of American, Greek, Italian and Mediterranean foods for more than 48 years.

Restaurant: Linardos Villa

Location: 2230 East Main St., Springfield

Contact: "Like" them on Facebook | (937) 323-3011

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“The family atmosphere, everything is house-made, and it’s a local business,” is the description by Chef John Linardos Jr. in regards to the dining platform his father made familiar more than 48 years ago at Linardos Villa.

This building opened as Shultz’s Fine Food in 1945. It became Ungerleider Supper Club 20 years later. John Linardos Sr. and his wife, Sandra, opened their restaurant in the empty space in 1971. The new owners chose to keep the well-known Supper Club name for three years, before changing the title to the impressive Linardos Villa.

Family unity and fresh food are two inspiring reasons for the longevity of this Springfield establishment. Harry Linardos controls the “front-of-house” and his founding father often helps his brother Chef John organize the kitchen, where the diverse menu of American, Greek, Italian and Mediterranean foods are made fresh daily.

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The fresh breads and house-made cheesecakes are to compliment your meal, and are the original special recipes of a Linardos family matriarch, Grandmother Thalia. All visitors to Linardos Villa are eagerly encouraged to bring your Kali Orexi (“Kah-lee Or-ex-ee”), meaning Good Appetite!

The Menu:

Beverages: Water is free, and served without asking! 100 percent Colombian Coffee, or Pepsi-cola products — $2. The full bar has a large wine stock, with selections posted on each dining table; “house” wines — $4.50/$6.75/ $10.95.

Children’s Meal: Customized to suit any child’s taste buds.

“Daily Chef’s Special” (could be): Sandwich, Soup/Salad, house-made Chips, & Beverage — $6.95; Gyro, Greek Salad (small), & house-made Chips — $8.95.

Omelets: Spanish Omelet — $5.95; Plain Omelet — $7.25; Greek Omelet, Ham & Cheese Omelet, or Italian Omelet — $8.95.

“Soup-of-the-Day” (could be): Bean Soup w/Ham, Chicken Noodle Soup, or Lentil Soup — $1.50/$2.25; Avgolemono Soup (Greek soup of rice in a creamy lemon broth) — $2.50; French Onion Soup, or Lobster Bisque — $2.50/$3.50.

Salads: Grecian Salad — $4.95/$7.95; Village Salad (traditional Greek salad) — $5.95; Chicken Breast Salad — $8.95; American Salad (w/ham & turkey) — $9.95.

Sides: Onion Rings — $4.95; Gyro, Feta, & Olives — $5.90; Fried Mushrooms —$5.95; Fried Mozzarella Sticks — $6.25; Buffalo Strips — $6.95.

Sandwiches: Grilled Cheese, or Hamburger — $4.95; Gyro — $5.95; Fish Sandwich, or Steak and Cheese Sandwich — $6.95; Chicken Cheddar Club, French Dip, “Big John” (beef, ham, cheese double-decker), Reuben, or Stromboli — $7.95.

Pasta: Italian Spaghetti — $10.95/$13.95 (w/meatballs); Pasta Primavera, Ravioli, or Vegetable Lasagna — $13.95; Neptune’s Delight (cod, mushrooms, scallops, & shrimp over fettuccine) — $17.95.

Appetizers: Buffalo Wings (dozen) — $8.50; Escargot — $8.95/$10.95 (w/feta cheese); Grecian Appetizer, or Oysters-on-the-half-Shell —$10.95.

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Dinner: Beef Liver and Onions, Chopped Sirloin, Fried Clams, or Turkey Poulette — $8.95; Deep Fried Smelts — $8.95 (10)/$14.95 (12); Scrod (6-ounce) — $9.95; Baked Swiss Steak, Meatloaf, Chicken Livers, Oysters Rockefeller, Salmon Patties, or Stuffed Pork Chop — $11.95; Chicken Parmesan, or Veal Linardos — $12.95; BBQ Chicken Breast, Deep Fried Chicken, Dolmathes (beef & rice wrapped in grape leaf), Pork Schnitzel, or Spanakopita (feta cheese & spinach), or Stuffed Flounder — $13.95; Linardos Lasagna — $14.95, or Moussaka (eggplant w/ground beef cheese in cream sauce) — $14.95; Lamb Shank —$15.95; Grouper, Rainbow Trout, Sauteed Frog legs, or Walleye Pike — $16.95; Broiled Scallops, or Broiled Deep Salmon — $17.95; Oysters — $18.95; Shrimp & Steak — $19.95; Choice New York Steak — $16.95 (8-ounce)/$20.95 (12-0unce, queen cut)/$23.95 (14-ounce, king cut).

Desserts: Baklava; Cheesecake; Pecan Pie; Snickers Pie — $4.95 (slice).


Lunch: Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Dinner: Monday-Thursday., 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday & Saturday, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

More Information:

There’s seating for 170 visitors, with adequate maneuverability throughout Linardos Villa. A private room for special events holds 65 guests, with the dining areas adjoined by the full bar section.

“Walk-ins” are always welcome, since reservations are only necessary for groups of eight or more guests.

First responders, military personnel and seniors are honored with a 10 percent discount off each bill. Entertainment Book, Prestige Dining Club, and WOSU Member Card discounts gladly apply.

Telephone Harry Linardos about the Valentine’s Day Dinner Special at Linados Villa.

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