Kings Island retires Sling Shot ride

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

What goes up must come down — this time for good.

The Sling Shot at Kings Island is no longer. Spokesperson Chad Showalter said Friday the park retired the ride for future plans.

Before Kings Island removed the ride from its website, it described the Sling Shot as “a two-person capsule that is attached to steel cables and propels riders into the air.” The ride was one of two paid attractions that required separate admission — the other being the Xtreme Skyflyer, which is still available.

The Sling Shot is still available at Cedar Point, according to its website.

Kings Island is celebrating its 50th anniversary this season. The park’s Golden Celebration starts Saturday, May 28. A concert series featuring performances from The Avett Brothers and 3 Doors Down is also scheduled this summer.

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