Shinedown promises ‘a really cool show’ at the Nutter

It’s an uncertain time for rock music, which is often overshadowed by the popularity of rap and pop. That culture shift hasn’t negatively affected Shinedown, the continuously-touring four-piece, performing at the Nutter Center in Fairborn on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

“Last year, we were the number one touring band in the country,” drummer Barry Kerch said recently, speaking over the telephone from his home in Jacksonville, Fla. “We’ve only had 31 days at home since the release of the new album. Gone are the days when you can tour for a month or two and then go home and rest on the couch and go, ‘Yep, we did it.’ It’s not all about money but you’ve got to pay your bills.

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“If you want to be profitable and be able to pay your label, management and yourself, you have to get out on the road and tour,’ he continued. “Music is pretty much free anyway on Spotify, iTunes and everything else so touring is the name of the game.”

Shinedown formed in 2001 and released its debut album, “Leave a Whisper,” in 2003. Since then, the group has placed 13 number one singles on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock charts, including “Save Me,” “Second Chance” and “Cut the Cord.”

“On paper it looks like it took off and was a quick rise but, man, it was a grind,” Kerch said. “We released the first album and the first single and nothing happened until radio finally started to pick it up. It really was a grind through the first three records. It started to change after “The Sound of Madness” but it’s still a grind. Even though we’re a very successful band, we’re still grinding in many different ways.

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In late 2018, Kerch and bandmates Brent Smith (lead vocals), Zach Myers (guitar), Eric Bass (bass) released “Attention Attention,” the follow-up to 2015’s “Threat to Survival.” Shinedown is currently on the road supporting the new concept album with guests Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria.

“We’re looking forward to this tour,” Kerch said. “It’s sort of like a family reunion because we’ve toured with Papa Roach many times and we’ve toured with Asking Alexandria a few times. They’re all our friends so it’s going to be great to do it with all three bands for the first time.

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“It’s going to be a really cool show because we’re entertaining but so are Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria,” Kerch added. “They’re going to give us a run for our money so the crowd is going to get a great, entertaining show.”


What: Shinedown's Attention Attention World Tour with guests Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria

Where: Nutter Center, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Fairborn

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26

Cost: $33-$78.50

More info: 937-775-4789 or

Artist info:

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