Lee Wolf of Dayton took this photo on Aug. 17 near RiverScape MetroPark in downtown Dayton. He said, "We were hiking along the river when my wife and I saw this rainbow magic over the fountain."

Once and for all, what time do downtown Dayton’s fountains turn on?

It’s a magical moment, strolling through RiverScape MetroPark in downtown Dayton at the exact moment the fountains turn on and perform their spectacular show.

The fountains at RiverScape MetroPark are seen in full operation in this scene from Monday, July 9, 2018. During the summer months, the fountains run for eight minutes each hour. JAROD THRUSH / STAFF

Some believe the fountains come on at random intervals, while others have said the fountains’ schedule somewhat depends on the weather. That’s why the team at Dayton.com did some light digging — OK, we just went to Five Rivers MetroPark’s website — and we’re here to report that the fountains are, in fact, on a very precise schedule. 

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The fountains, officially named “The Five Rivers Fountain of Lights,” turn on and run at the following times:

Memorial Day through Labor Day:

• Monday through Friday at the top of the hour from 6:56 a.m. to 9:54 p.m.

• Saturday and Sunday at the top of the hour from 10:56 a.m. to 9:54 p.m.

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After the fountains turn on, they shower the river and bike path for a total of eight minutes before turning off. 

With this information now in your back pocket, you are one step closer to being a downtown Dayton expert.