Why this Daytonian of the Week is walking the Walk

Credit: Erica Hubler

Credit: Erica Hubler

One thing is for sure: Erica Hubler knows how to walk the walk.

Hubler is one of the driving forces behind the Dayton Area Wright Dunbar Inc. The Wright Dunbar Business District is the home of the Dayton Region's Walk of Fame.

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The Hall of Fame located on the sidewalks on both sides of West Third Street between Shannon and Broadway Streets and on Williams Street will celebrate its latest class during a luncheon Thursday, Sept. 27 at Sinclair Community College in downtown Dayton.

Tickets are no longer available for the event.

Credit: Erica Hubler

Credit: Erica Hubler

The 2018 honorees are: Hannah Beachler, Major General George R. CrookDr. Richard A. DeWallRobert C. KoepnickDayton police Sgt. Lucius J. Rice, police officer Dora Burton Rice and Julia Reichert.

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We caught up with Hubler, Dayton.com's latest Daytonian of the Week. 

Q: What do you do? 

A: I am the Real Estate Manager for CityWide Development. I'm currently managing Wright Dunbar, Inc.

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Q: Why is the Walk of Fame something you are passionate about? 

A: The Walk of Fame recognizes all of the great thinkers and doers from the Dayton Region. It's important to celebrate our greatest assets, which are our residents, neighbors and  the people who work here.

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Q: How do you describe Dayton to people who have never been here? 

Credit: Erica Hubler

Credit: Erica Hubler

A: I always tell them about our awesome parks, our independent restaurants, our rich history and historic districts. Dayton is a great city, but it's small enough that you'll run into someone you know anywhere you go.

Q: What do you love about life in Dayton?

A: I love that I can be anywhere in 15 minutes. That I can get a great dinner and enjoy music, theater or pop into an art exhibit or sit in a quiet beautiful park.

Q: What would you do on a perfect date in Dayton? 

A: I love our parks! So I'd say that I'd get a Pine Club burger and onion rings and sit up at the Lookout at Woodland.

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Q: Where do you go for a great time? 

A: I'm a foodie! I love all the independent restaurants. I always have a great time in the Oregon.

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Q: What would you change about Dayton? 

A: The perception. There are good and bad things happening in every city. I wish that more people would focus on the good.

Q: What should people know about Dayton? 

Credit: Erica Hubler

Credit: Erica Hubler

A: What makes Dayton great are the people! Just when you think times are changing and the world seems scary…someone will go out of their way to help you or a stranger will smile and say "hello." It's all the little things that make Dayton great.

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Q: What are your hopes for Wright Dunbar? 

A: That Wright Dunbar will continue to grow and become the vibrant historic district it's meant to be. Wright Dunbar is at a tipping point! There are so many things "just about to happen" if just one of those things happen the rest will fall into place.

Q: What do you think Dayton will look like in 10-15 years? 

A: Development takes time. Downtown is booming right now and the edge neighborhoods will start to reap the benefits. I believe those outside edges will also start to see redevelopment & reuse. We're reinventing ourselves as a city.

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Credit: Erica Hubler

Credit: Erica Hubler

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