Pillsbury's 'Elf' sugar cookies delight film fans

Credit: Vikki Hansen/Freeimages

Credit: Vikki Hansen/Freeimages

Pillsbury is delivering holiday gifts early in the form of a new sugar cookie.

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The company has added Buddy the Elf sugar cookies to its ready-to-bake holiday product lineup, Business Insider reported. While the product is not listed on Pillsbury's website yet, fans have spotted the cookies for sale at Walmart and Target. The package features 24 pre-cut cookies that simply have to baked in the oven.

The cookies have an image of Buddy the Elf's iconic hat printed on each one.

The family-friendly holiday film "Elf" was released in 2003. The movie, featuring Will Ferrell in the lead role of Buddy, follows the adventures of a man raised as an elf.

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