'Surviving R. Kelly' finale prompts emotional reactions on Twitter

On Saturday night, Lifetime aired the last installments of "Surviving R. Kelly," which made the singer a trending topic on Twitter yet again.

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The conclusion of the three-night, six-part event delved into the singer's history of alleged physical and emotional abuse of women. The final episodes focused on R. Kelly's alleged sex cult at his homes in two cities, including one in metro Atlanta.

R. Kelly's accusers, including an anonymous former employee; Michelle Kramer; Tim and JonJelyn Savage; Alice Clary and Angelo Clary; and his ex-girlfriends Kitti Jones and Asante McGee all detailed alleged abuse.

The Savages, the Clarys and Kramer each said their daughters had been “brainwashed” and were living with R. Kelly. They said they hadn’t been in contact with their children for years.

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“There’s three drugs out there: crack, heroin and R. Kelly,” Kramer said.

During a trip to Los Angeles to film “Surviving R. Kelly,” Kramer found her daughter, Dominique Gardner, at a hotel. Although the hotel manager was initially cooperative by walking Kramer to her daughter’s hotel room, where the two reunited after being apart for a year, he later told Kramer she had to vacate the premises immediately. He said someone allegedly called the police on her for trespassing. However, Kramer secretly returned, and moments later, Gardner tearfully and willingly left the building with her mother with just a backpack.

“That was the hardest decision I ever had to make,” Gardner told her mother through tears.

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As viewers watched the special, produced by Dream Hampton, they took to Twitter to post their thoughts. Several called R. Kelly a “predator” and a “monster.”

Many were concerned about the women who are allegedly still living with R. Kelly against their will. Both the Clarys, whose daughter is Azriel Clary, and the Savages, whose daughter is Joycelyn Savage, said they haven’t seen their children in three years despite their efforts.

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Others commended the filmmakers for including a host of journalists, who spoke about R. Kelly’s legacy, as well as clinical psychologists, who explained the damaging effects of mental and physical abuse.

Folks also urged radio stations to no longer play the artist's music as a part of the #MuteRKelly social media campaign, which seeks to stop his songs from being played and cancel his concerts.

And a few said they would still listen to R. Kelly’s music, because they believe he is innocent and talented.

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Despite the accusations, R. Kelly is not facing any criminal charges and is not known to be under investigation. He has also denied all claims of sexual abuse.

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