Monograms: Brainiac doc editor brings Brooklyn band to Dayton

Ian Jacobs wasn’t very familiar with Dayton until signing on as editor on Eric Mahoney’s forthcoming music documentary on ’90s hometown heroes Brainiac. He’ll get a more immersive city experience when he brings his Brooklyn-based indie rock band Monograms to Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton on Friday, Oct. 12, for a show with local acts Oh Condor and Widesnake.

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“Brainiac were like ambassadors for the city of Dayton in a lot of ways,” Jacobs said. “I feel like Dayton has become this silent character in the movie, almost like the island in ‘Lost’ or something. I’m excited to be coming there to play at Yellow Cab Tavern on this tour and finally meet this character.”

Monograms began as a solo project for Jacobs, who worked with rotating members before settling on a more stable lineup earlier this year. The group, releasing its fourth EP, “Beekeepers,” in late October, is out on a 10-date run that includes shows in Dayton, St. Louis, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

“I really started this whole thing a couple of years ago as just a solo, bedroom recording project, Jacobs said. “We’ve never done a tour like this. I try to do as much regional touring as we can, but this is the first time I’ve had a lineup that could go out like this so it’s pretty exciting for me. When you get out there like this in front of new people, that’s when you feel like you’re really playing music.

“I was in a bunch of other serious bands in Brooklyn, on and off,” he continued. “Then I came to a place where I was pretty burned out by it all. I decided to just record some songs in my bedroom for fun. I didn’t need to be in a band anymore. Then two-and-a-half, three-years later and here you go.”

As Jacobs discovered, stepping back and working on something without expectations can often yield wonderful results.

“It’s really helpful not to worry about the outcome,” he said. “Since you’re doing it because you love it and not because of anything else, it relieves some of that pressure. When you’re in a serious band, it can turn into a treadmill sometimes, especially in New York. There are so many great bands and the cost of living is so high, it can get stressful.

“I got kind of burned out on it all for a while,” Jacobs added. “I always wanted to do my solo thing, so, in a way, it was a blessing in disguise.”


Who: Monograms with Oh Condor and Widesnake

Where: Yellow Cab Tavern, 700 E. Fourth St., Dayton

When: 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12

Cost: $7

More info: 937-424-3870 or

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