PNC Arts Annex to host weeknight concert by Martin Sexton

Many modern musical acts, from blues and acoustic to jazz and rock, stick with the weekend warrior method to avoid the possibility of low-attended weeknight shows. Not hard-touring singer-songwriter Martin Sexton, presenting a solo concert at PNC Arts Annex in Dayton on Thursday, April 11.

Today, Sexton spends six months touring and divides his off time between winters in Northampton, Mass., and summers at a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains. He recently discussed his career, which began as a street busker in Boston in the early 1990s.

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Travel break: "I'm actually just chilling at home with family — it's wonderful. I was on the road basically from September until early March so it's nice to be home. I'm on the road about half the year, which avails me nice time to be with family and just settle down and focus on all the beauty life has to offer."

Tour cycle: "Put out a record every few years and tour behind it. That's the name of the game so I tour, whether it's Europe, where I was recently, or the U.S. and Canada, where I just did six weeks."

New album: "I'm still dreaming on what's next and I'm not sure what it is but, yeah, it's time to get on the horse. These days, our careers as touring artists aren't quite as reliant upon the album as they were a decade ago. People keep showing up so I think that's why I haven't put a new one out in four years."

Listening habits: "When I'm off the road and I'm not working, I don't really consume much music. I used to, as a youngster, but not now. I have an old Gibson acoustic I play when I'm home, but because I'm surrounded by music when I work all the time, I don't really listen to much music. Like an NFL guy that doesn't watch football, that's like me with music."

A reflective moment: "I've been doing this a long time now, I don't know, a couple of three decades, so I've been really blessed. I always thought making a living with art was like defying gravity, like treading water but you're in the air. I keep that idea green that I am blessed to have a career at something I enjoy and something that seems to bring joy and inspiration to others and it just keeps coming. I've seen so many careers of other artists kind of blow up and then disappear so I'm just grateful for this longevity. It still remains and it still grows."

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What: Martin Sexton

When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 11

Where: PNC Arts Annex, 46 W. Second St., Dayton

Tickets: $38. Seating is general admission with both stadium and cabaret-style seats available.

More info: Tickets available at, at the Box Office, or by phone at 937-228-3630 or 888-228-3630.

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