Dayton board game cafe has plenty of events leading up to Christmas

Dayton’s newest board game cafe, Cardboard Crowns, wants to be the go-to spot for family and friends to gather around the table for some holiday gaming.

They’ve planned a special “12 Days of Gaming” full of games, giveaways and Christmas cheer that starts Wednesday, December 13 and goes until Christmas Eve.

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“Christmas time is a great time for extended families to come together and play games,” says Joshua West, store manager at Cardboard Crowns. “Board games are the perfect tool to facilitate being present in the moment, removing ourselves from the daily digital experience, and truly appreciating the gathering of friends and family.”

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During the “12 Days of Christmas” event, Cardboard Crowns is waiving their usual library fee of $5 per person, and allowing guests to come peruse the library at no charge. Visitors can browse over 800 board game titles, including the hottest new games as well as old classics.

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Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign in September, Cardboard Crowns opened the cafe last month. The location offers delicious craft beers on tap, wine, soup, sandwiches, and snacks.

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“From day one, Cardboard Crowns has been fortunate that family, friends, our Kickstarter supporters, and board gamers in the Dayton community have championed us. We want to give back to the those supporters,” says West.

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Each of the 12 Days of Christmas, Cardboard Crowns will feature different board games for aspiring gamers to try out at “Learn to Play” sessions. When a guest tries a game, he or she will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of that title. Popular games like Codenames and the award-winning Kingdomino are among the many titles Cardboard Crowns plans to give away over the course of the event.

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“Now is an excellent time to get into board gaming,” said Joshua West. “With board game stores and play spaces, like Cardboard Crowns, opening there is a real strong community that has grown within the last decade. This presence of a community allows new board gamers of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to teach and learn from one another.”

Board games also make great gifts, of course, and Cardboard Crowns has a retail counter where you can knock out a good chunk of your Christmas list.

“We have some great games available here for purchase that would make great gifts for both new and experienced gamers,” Said West. “For new gamers, I’d suggest Ticket to Ride. With over 3 million copies sold, it is one of the best games to introduce someone to the hobby.”

For those who like a little more challenge during game time, West suggested the Exit: the Game series.

“I have actually purchased these games for my family to play over the holidays,” he said. “They are cooperative deduction games that simulate escape rooms. Players use deductive reasoning skills to try to escape and win the game.”

Cardboard Crowns is open 365 days a year so that loved ones can enjoy the library even on holidays. The cafe has a crew of Game Masters on staff to assist visitors in learning unfamiliar games.

“Myself and all of the Game Masters at Cardboard Crowns will happily make specific recommendations for you, based on age, skill level, and what games you like to play,” West said. “We also have gift cards available for the cafe that can be used to purchase games or for library passes, food, or drinks.”


WHAT: Cardboard Crowns' 12 Days of Christmas

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 13 until Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017

WHERE: Cardboard Crowns, 147 N. Springboro Pike, Dayton

MORE INFO: | (937) 388-4670

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