Dorothy Lane Market classes celebrate the best of food

Julia Child would have turned 106 on Aug. 15.

For years the staff at Dorothy Lane Market came together to celebrate her special day with a potluck and last year decided to throw a party for the public to come and join in the fun. Not for a potluck, but for a cooking class that pays homage to the iconic chef and her work in the kitchen.

The special class at the Dorothy Lane Market Culinary Center in Centerville featured five recipes from different critically acclaimed books helmed by Child.

Lobster Bisque, Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons, Pommes Anna, Ratatouille, and Reine de Saba were all made for the room to watch with rapt attention and then paired and served with different wines to enjoy while the courses of culinary genius were savored.

“Of all the incredible facts about Julia Childs’ amazing career, the one I find most fascinating is how it all began while dining at a restaurant in Rouen, France. Being overcome with the experience of that meal began her journey as a pioneer in the culinary world,” said Peggy Neary, manager of Dorothy Lane Market’s Culinary Center. “She’s known for embracing the joy of cooking, approaching it with humor and endless curiosity, but mostly her love for enjoying good food.”

The DLM school that focuses on celebrating and learning about cooking and food just announced its slate of fall classes and the lineup features one event after another that should not be missed.

“Several stand out as special this term, including An Evening with Darioush Winery. This will be an evening of superb wine and food. We’re thrilled to have our favorite local restaurant chefs in the kitchen. Chef Liz of Wheat Penny, will share her experience of her delicious childhood with La Mia Famiglia, sure to be an unforgettable evening of great food and entertainment. Chef Carrie and Wine Educator Teresa will be taking us on an adventure with Sherry wine and food,” said Neary. “Of course, not to be missed are the classes with the best cooks we know, our staff instructors and visiting teachers. The fall term is packed with topics ranging from cooler weather comfort food to elegant appetizers and upscale menus with wine pairings. We’ve got world cuisines covered from France to Cuba to Spain and Morocco. We have a lot to celebrate and we’re excited to share our table with our customers.”

Neary and her team are excited to welcome several new instructors for this next slate of classes: Chef Mariah Gahagan, from Wheat Penny, will be teaching a Dumplings and Bao Workshop; Elaine Berrios will focus on Cuban Cuisine and Latin Sweets; Kara Haas will instruct on how to create delicious healthy meals for picky eaters and dietary restrictions; Tricia Callahan of Once a Month Meals will teach on how to embrace our Instant Pot; Andy Dedomenici will show and instruct on how to make bagels from scratch; Casey and Patrick Van Voorhis, a husband and wife team from Grist Provisions, (a new market in the Oregan District that offers pop-up dinners, take home breads, pasta and specialty items), will be sharing their wisdom.

It’s clear that in the world of food this is a place to come to enjoy a focused immersive experience and to try something and learn something new.

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“I think the DLM Culinary Center brings a unique experience with each class or dining event. The combination of wonderful food, cooking and meal preparation skills and techniques, along with tips and tricks of how to become a happier home cook, in a lovely, welcoming environment is what makes the DLM Culinary Center a desirable experience for anyone who has a passion for cooking, camaraderie, but mostly, just like Julia Child, a love of eating exceptional food,” said Neary.

Neary and her team of staff and volunteers also offer private events, team building, wedding showers, family parties and more. She says these events are becoming more popular as an alternative to a restaurant gatherings or home gatherings for people looking to do something different.

As I sat sipping on the first course last week — a delightful, creamy lobster bisque filled with the full symphony of flavors and nuanced undertones that only the best soups like this have — I thought about the fact that the DLM Culinary Center has become one of my favorite places to go to eat in town. It’s like a restaurant, but one that leaves its diners with the tools and inspiration to go home and make the best place to eat in town their kitchen.

And that’s something Julia Child would be on board with.

Dorothy Lane Market has announced its fall classes for its Centerville Culinary Center and it’s impressive to say the least. Here’s a look at what they have planned through the end of the year:

Sept. 13: An Evening with Darioush Winery

Sept. 14: Touch of Seoul

Sept 17: Perfect Homemade Gnocchi, hands-on class

Sept. 18: Hofbräuhaus Favorites

Sept. 19: Knife Skills, hands-on class

Sept. 20: Game Time!, hands-on class

Sept. 23: Family Night; Turkey and Wild Rice Soup, hands-on class

Sept 26: Embracing Your Instant Pot

Sept. 30: Cuban Cuisine, couples' hands-on class

Oct. 2: Autumn Dinner with Bryn

Oct. 3: Heathy Dinner Table

Oct. 4: Pairing Affordable Italian Wines and Food

Oct. 5: Spanish Food & Wine

Oct. 7: Mary's Pizza Parlor, couples' hands-on class

Oct. 10: Middle Eastern Cuisine

Oct. 11: Where to Start with Sherry

Oct. 14: NOLA Brunch, couples' hands-on class

Oct. 15: Handmade Filled Pasta, hands-on class

Oct. 16: How to Ferment Vegetables, hands-on class

Oct. 17: The Great New York Steakhouse Food & Wine

Oct. 18: Wheat Penny & Pizza; An Evening with Chef Liz

Oct. 23: Dumplings and Bao, hands-on class

Oct. 24: Baking with the Flavors of Autumn

Oct. 25: Prescription for Health — Eat Well, Be Well

Oct. 28: One Night In Paris, couples' hands-on class

Oct. 29: Ghoulish Goodies, Petite Chefs' hands-on class

Oct. 30: Moroccan Cooking

Nov. 2: Argentina Food & Wine

Nov. 4: Family Night; Swedish Meatballs with Homemade Egg Noodles, hands-on class

Nov. 5: Mary's Cookie Jar, hands-on class

Nov. 6: Grain Free Baking, hands-on class

Nov. 8: Turkey Takeover!

Nov. 11: Thai Favorites, couples' hands-on class

Nov. 12: Junior Chefs' Cook Italian, Junior Chefs' hands-on class

Nov. 14: Sweet Taste of Latin America

Nov. 15: Bagels 101, hands-on class

Nov. 25: Family Night; Stromboli, hands-on class

Dec. 2: Cozy Winter Dinner, Couples' hands-on class

Dec. 3: It's Time to Decorate a Gingerbread House, hands-on class

Dec. 4: It's Time to Decorate a Gingerbread House, hands-on class

Dec. 5: Over the Top; Food & Wine

Dec. 6: La Mia Famiglia

Dec. 9: Family Night; Chicken Enchiladas

Dec. 12: Fresh Pasta Workshop — Flavored Pasta

Dec. 13: Girls' Night Out; Holiday Party


What: Dorothy Lane Market's Culinary Center

Where: 6161 Far Hills Ave., Centerville

More information: or 937-535-5696

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