The first Goatfest was held Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 at Dayton Beer Company, 41 Madison St., Dayton. PHOTO / TOM GILLIAM

Local brewery to host a barrel-aged beer fest with real goats as guests of honor  

If you’re a beer snob, this GoatFest might be the G.O.A.T. (That’s the “greatest of all time” for those of you not hip to the kids’ slang).

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Dayton Beer Company, at 41 Madison St. in downtown Dayton, is hosting its fourth annual GoatFest on Saturday, Feb. 15, a festival dedicated to premiering the very best barrel-aged beers in the state of Ohio. 

And, new this year, there will be actual goats (yes — like the animal, this time) that attendees can visit in the beer garden. The times designated to visit with the goats will be announced a few days before the event.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that this is a beer and barrel-lover’s (and perhaps goat-lover’s?) dream. There will be more than 30 barrel-aged beers on tap.

Here is the list of announced GoatFest brews so far:

1. DBC Midnight Dream Raspberry RIS 12% — Sagamore Rye 
2. DBC Beast of Tadmor Doppelbock 8.3% — bourbon barrels 

3. DBC Do you even Brut Bro Brut IPA 6% — Chardonnay 

4. DBC Soggy Crumbs Gingerbread Ale 6.0% — bourbon barrels 

5. DBC Combo #7 Mexican Amber Lager — Tequila Barrels 

6. DBC Brown Street Ale 6% — bourbon barrels 

7. DBC Pink Derby Delight Saison 6% — Chardonnay 

8. Madtree Joon Kolsch 8.5% — Gin Barrels 

9. Thirsty Dog Siberian Night with Coffee 12% — bourbon barrels 

10. Thirsty Dog Imperial Porter with Coconut 7.2% — Rum barrels 

11. Mother Stewart’s Winter Lager 8% — bourbon barrels 

12. Mother Stewart’s Permafrost 7% — bourbon barrels 

13. 50 West Death Valley Shootout RIS 11.4% — bourbon barrels 

14. 50 West 10&2 Barleywine 11% — bourbon barrels 

15. Streetside Cloud Maker Mixed Ferm Blonde 6.2% — red wine barrels 

16. Streetside Warhead Mixed Ferm Blonde 5.9% — gin and red wine barrels 

17. Yellow Springs Brewery Silent Dawn Belgian Quad 10% — white wine barrels 

18. Grainworks Bagpipes of Bardstown Wee Heavy 11.1% — bourbon barrels 

19. Land Grant Deep Search Baltic Porter 8.7% — bourbon barrels 

20. Jackie O’s Dark Apparition RIS 10.5% — bourbon barrels 

21. Sounder Foeder Funk Wild Ale 4.8% — oak foeder 

22. Brew Kettle Maple Winter Warmer 10% — bourbon barrels 

23. Warped Wing Whiskey Rebellion 11.2% — bourbon barrels 

24. Toxic Brew Co Night Ender RIS 11.9% — bourbon barrels 

25. Great Lakes Albert Clipper Porter 7.5% — bourbon barrels 

26. Rhinegeist Ink RIS 12% — Rye barrels 

27. Rhinegeist Perpetual Passion Sour 5.35% — foeder and barrels 

28. Rhinegeist Double Oakes Mastodon Belgian Dark 14% — bourbon and red wine 

29. Little Fish Brewing Maker of Things Flanders Red 8.5% — Oak Foeder

At least three more selections are expected to be announced before the event begins on Saturday. 

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Dayton Beer Company, at 41 Madison St. in downtown Dayton, hosted its third annual GoatFest: “a festival of all things barrel and wood aged.” There were more than 30 barrel or wood-aged beers on tap. DAVID MOODIE / CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER


What: GoatFest 2020

When:  Saturday, Feb. 15, from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Where: Dayton Beer Company, 41 Madison St., Dayton

More info: Facebook