Wacky foods you’ll only find at this year’s Ohio State Fair

Things are expected to get weird at state fairs. Clowns, goats and pampered rabbits outnumber those attending, calorie-counting is forgotten, and for an entire week, it’s completely acceptable to smell of barnyard animals.



The food fare at the Ohio State Fair is no different. There is no better time to try bizarre foods without judgement. In fact, we're only judging if you DON'T try one of these (potentially) marvelous cuisines: 

1.) How about a deep-fried gummy bear? This ooey-gooey creature is five-inches thick and crafted by professional candy connoisseurs from North Carolina. The colossal gummy bear is then dipped in a vanilla batter and coated with powdered sugar.  Our sweet-tooth is tingling just thinking about it!

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Credit: Brien Vincent

Credit: Brien Vincent

2.) Need a little protein after ride hoppin' all day long? The Ohio State Fair might be your one-time opportunity to devour a "sloppy doughnut"— BBQ pulled pork, smooshed between a bun of glazed doughnuts and finished with deep-fried pickle chips. Wow.

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3.) Tater-tots, french fries' chubby cousin, are expected to be a big hit this year. Food vendors will be serving up hot potato buds topped with everything imaginable. Philly tots, Texas tots, buffalo tots, tots n' debris, gumbo tots, poutine tots, Greek tots, breakfast and bacon tots will be available, according to an Ohio State Fair press release.

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4.) And don't forget, anything that's been fried has also probably been wrapped in bacon. This year's fair is promised to have your bacon-wrapped Buckeyesbacon-wrapped Oreos and probably bacon-wrapped bacon.



How can you find the wackiest of the wacky?

The Ohio State Fair has a new feature on their website that will be your best friend while you hunt down the craziest foods you crave. This year, you'll be able to search for the food you're looking for, and the site will locate the vendors selling that exact food at the fair.

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“With 195 food vendor options at the fair, there’s bound to be something wild and crazy. I think people have realized there’s opportunities here to try something that they might not get a chance to try again,” said Alicia Schultz, spokesperson for the Ohio State Fair.

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