Here’s how you can do yoga with cats every month in Dayton

Dayton kitties have been perfecting their “Tree Pose” for two and a half years.

Every third Saturday of the month, SICSA Adoption Center in Kettering offers a "Yoga with Cats" class.

Matt Turner, a seasoned yoga instructor with Dayton Yoga Club, is the brains behind Yoga with Cats.

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Turner had the idea after hearing about the cat yoga trend on the West Coast, and thought it would be just as successful here in Dayton. His hunch was correct. The event has been packed every month since its beginning, and has raised generous donations for cats looking for forever homes.

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“If you look at my (yoga) mat, it looks like an animals have attacked it because, well, they have,” Turner said.

While the kittens work on their flexibility and inner zen, they’re also busy roaming the classroom, finding their favorite mat to play with. Yoga goers happily welcome the relaxing distraction.

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When the kittens at the center are in season, the class is taught with many of the tinier, energetic kittens.

“Sometimes the older ones, they'll just lay on the mats and laugh at us, make fun of us. Now the little ones like to climb on us and get a bit more rambunctious,”  Turner said.

Almost all the kittens at each session are up for adoption. It’s not unusual, Turner said, for people to walk out of the class with their yoga mat under one arm and a new friend under the other.

“They really are an asset to the community (SICSA),” Turner said. SICSA successfully finds around 30- 40 animals a new home each week.

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The monthly class, held at the adoption center, fills up fast and your best bet to getting in the door is pre-registering on SICSA’s website.

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