Want to play locally-designed board games? Here's your chance

Are you a huge fan of board games? Then you’re in for a treat this Saturday.

Ohio Gaming Brigade, a group whose mission is to "bring gaming of all forms to Dayton," is hosting Dayton Designed: Game Night. It will be a special night of locally created board and card games.

The first of Ohio Gaming Brigade's events, Dayton Designed will be held at Star City Brewing Company, 319 S. 2nd St. in downtown Miamisburg.

Zac Reed, who founded Ohio Gaming Brigade with friends, says “Dayton Designed: Game Night is a playtesting night for local game designers to show off what they have been working on.”

“Playtesting” is the process of perfecting games and looking for flaws through rigorous play. By playtesting games, designers hope to develop the smoothest possible finished product.

Creators will teach their games to those in attendance, in pursuit of useful feedback. Players’ opinions will improve games and aid creators in the design process.

“Gaming is an intrinsically social activity, it brings families and friends together,” Reed tells us. “Not to mention it is also a quickly growing industry that has a very low entry level.”

Game designer Jim Tramontana, who will be bringing his newly-designed card game Vikings vs. Unicorns, says events like Dayton Designed are “a perfect opportunity to get people together to kick the tires of some great games in progress.”

“It takes a village to make a great game,” said Tramontana. “Even games whose object is to burn villages down.”

Players will be given a raffle ticket for each game they playtest. Prizes will be raffled off at 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

There is no cover charge to participate in Dayton Designed: Game Night. It is a family-friendly event that children and underage players are welcome to attend.

Reed says Ohio Gaming Brigade has a few other cards up their sleeve, as well.

“[We’re] working on putting together a mega-game,” he says. “Think a board game with 60-plus players. We're also looking at doing ‘geeky’ speed dating and several other events.”

Want to go? 

WHAT: Dayton Design: Game Night

WHERE: Star City Brewing Company, 319 S. 2nd St., Miamisburg

WHEN: 6-10:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct 22

INFO: Facebook event page

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