Dayton stylists offer tips on how to update your summer look for ‘new normal’

While Ohio has been in the process of reopening, many people are reluctant to resume their “normal” lives exactly as they were before the pandemic. Even if people are starting to venture out here and there, the likelihood that you’ll be debuting your new summer looks in your own backyard is pretty high. When you think about it, it’s the perfect opportunity to try a new trend or take a more casual, relaxed approach to your typical summer style.

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We asked Dayton stylists Jami Briggs and Dourjé to weigh in on some fun ways to update your summer wardrobe with the “new normal” in mind.

Reset your closet

First and foremost, Dayton fashion stylist, Dourjé, suggests you reorganize your closet, purging any pieces that don’t suit you and putting away any pieces that won’t transition from winter to summer. Once you’ve reset your closet, it’s easier to see what you need.

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Cozy and comfy with athleisure

How fortunate that athleisure was all the rage even before the stay at home order. “You can’t go wrong with athleisure right now – these are items that are comfortable but still make a statement,” explains Dourjé. Dayton stylist, Jami Briggs agrees, explaining that “you’ll want these cozy pieces to have a dual-purpose and be able to work into your wardrobe once things get back to normal. Maybe a light, comfortable pullover sweater or boyfriend cardigan that you can wear with leggings or sweats.”

Show off a new hue

If you already have olive green shades in your closet, you likely have them in sweaters and pants perfect for an autumn afternoon, however, according to Jami and Dourjé, it’s one color you’ll definitely want to add to your wardrobe this summer to update your look. Dourjé adds that introducing neutral tones and coral pink shades will update your wardrobe, “in fact, coral is one color that seems to look great on all skin tones.”

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Elevate your look with statement pieces

One thing to keep in mind is location. Where will you be wearing these new looks? Jami Briggs explains, “I think this will be the summer of small, at-home dinner parties, which is the perfect opportunity to wear a simple knit dress with a piece of statement jewelry. It says casual, comfortable, but elevated.” Also, if you’re still working from home and dread getting all dressed up for video calls, Jami suggests trying a statement earring because “adding an accessory to a simple t-shirt or sweater gives the appearance of being dressed up.”

Update your basics and accessories

When it comes time to replace some of your basics, rather than picking out your tried and true colors and styles, why not try something new? If you need to buy new shorts, for instance, “try faded denim this summer – the lighter the better” explains Dourjé. He also explains that for men to look updated this season, make sure your shorts hit just above the knee, “and if they have belt loops, absolutely wear a belt.” While sneakers are great for any season, Dourjé suggests that if you normally wear them, “less is more, guys – canvas shoes are light on your feet, keep you cool, and look great right now.” For women, Dourjé suggests mules. Not only are they easy to style up or down, “they’ve been around for years – ask your mom, your grandmother, or even your great grandmother – they likely have had a pair!”

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Don’t feel like you’re on your own

If you’re not sure if your wardrobe needs an update or a complete overhaul, Dourjé and Jami Briggs are available for consultations. Visit their websites to learn more about the services they’re offering right now. You may find that you just need some guidance to get you on the path to great summer style!

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