‘These are not my pants’ is not a defense, county sheriff’s office says

The thin blue line is not exactly known for its jokes, but the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office just posted a knee slapper to its official Facebook page that might just make you rethink your next  blue jean swap.

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The tongue-in-cheek and very informative "Public Service Announcement" meme reads:

“Prior to wearing someone else’s’’ pants, please remove all drugs, drug paraphernalia, stolen property, or any other illegal items the ‘owner’ of the pants may have left behind. 

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‘These are not my pants,’ is not an affirmative defense. 

 NOTE: We are not attorneys nor non-attorney spokespersons and this message is not intended as legal advice. Please consult an actual attorney prior to wearing someone else’s pants with drug filled pockets. Thank you.” 

An hour after the meme was posted, it had more than 500 reactions and more than 300 shares.
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