Allison Janney trending for 2 unlikely reasons: Jessica Rabbit, a sledgehammer

Oakwood native and Oscar winner Allison Janney was trending on Twitter Tuesday for two unlikely reasons: Jessica Rabbit and a home makeover for her longtime assistant.

Janney stars in the most recent episode of HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU,” where she works with “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott to renovate the kitchen, dining room and living area.

Wearing a backless red evening gown and brown work boots while wielding a sledgehammer, 61-year-old Janney says ”watch how it’s done boys” as she knocks down a cabinet door.

This drew comments across the Twitter-verse and a heightened appreciation for the witty actress. Some compared Janney to Jessica Rabbit, others called her a “national treasure” and one wanted Janney to take over the Scotts’ show.

Janney, known for her roles in “The West Wing” and currently “Mom,” said it was a wonderful opportunity to give back to her assistant and close friend of 20 years, Ilana. “She has become more like family to me than anything else and she’s given a lot to me over the years,” Janney stated in a release.

The episode first aired Monday night on HGTV, and is available on HGTV GO and some streaming services.

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