Cincinnati Zoo welcomes cheetah cub as future cat ambassador

A cheetah cub is the newest animal ambassador for the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

The zoo received the cub, which has not been named, from Wildlife Safari in Oregon to be hand-reared in accordance with the Species Survival Plan, according to a social media post from the Cincinnati Zoo.

Radiographs before the cub’s birth found the mother carrying a single club would not be able to produce enough milk for its survival, the same post wrote.

“Once she is older, she will be a part of our Cat Ambassador Program and join our running cheetah ambassadors in Kroger Cheetah Encounter,” the Cincinnati Zoo said.

The Cat Ambassador program involves the cheetahs having “equal opportunities for training, enrichments, programs, farm time, and specific yards,” according to the Cincinnati Zoo website. During the encounter seasons, yards are set up with equipment where four cheetahs run per day.

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