Coronavirus: Nearly 450 people currently hospitalized in Ohio



As of Sunday, the Ohio Hospital Association reported that 444 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, a 39% increase in patients since last week. In the past day, nine people were hospitalized, bringing total hospitalizations to 61,487 people since the beginning of the pandemic.

After reporting more than 500 cases for nearly a week, the Ohio Department of Health reported 495 cases, just over the state’s current case average of 467 cases per day. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the ODH has reported 1,122,104 cases of COVID-19.

Just over 7,000 people started their COVID-19 vaccine within the past 24 hours, the ODH reported. Currently, 48.88% of the state’s population has started the vaccine, or about 5,713,833 people. The ODH reported that 4,553 people completed their vaccine within the past 24 hours, bringing the fully vaccinated population to 5,345,442 people, or 45.73% of the population.

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