Dayton Children’s recognizes super strength of patients, staff on Superhero Day

Dayton Children’s Hospital was filled with caped crusaders and masked marvels Wednesday for its 11th annual Superhero Day.

The celebration aims to recognize the “superhero strength” of the hospital’s staff and patients while bringing a smile to kids.

“This makes it a really special day,” said Grace Jones, Dayton Children’s consumer branding director. “If you’re having to come to the hospital you might be a little bit scared, and when you come in and you see a superhero it just brightens your day.”

Superhero Day takes place at the end of January. The celebration started 11 years ago in honor of a Dayton Children’s patient who loved superheroes.

Dayton Children’s posted on social media earlier in the week asking anyone coming to the hospital on Wednesday to dress up as a superhero.

“We’ve seen a bunch of kids come in with their Hulk masks and their Spider-Man costumes and they’re just so excited to see all the superheroes here at the hospital,” Jones said.

The hospital had superheroes such as Batman, Captain America and Spider-Man visit with patients during the day to help spread joy. Jones herself was dressed as Wonder Woman and said multiple kids came over to say hi and give her hugs.

“We have amazing people here who are Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman and Iron Man, and the kids are just amazed going up to them and wanting to give them hugs, give them high fives and just feel so special,” she said.

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