Dayton humane society seeks home for rescued steers

Two steers rescued by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton during a cruelty and neglect investigation are looking for a new home.

The humane society is hoping to keep the brothers, Cocoa and Marvin, together. They are believed to be between 8 and 12 years old and have not had a lot of human interaction, according to the organization.

Cocoa has what is known as a lumpy jaw, which eventually will make it impossible for him to eat, according to the humane society.

“We don’t know how much longer Cocoa has until his lumpy jaw becomes unmanageable, but we want to keep them together as long as we can,” a press release read. “At the same time, we would love to see them go to a place where there are other cows for Marvin to interact with. This may help his broken heart if and when he loses his brother to the disease.”

The foster home where Marvin and Cocoa are staying can no longer keep them, so the steers are coming to the humane society’s shelter next week. The organization is hoping to have a loving home ready for the brothers to spend the rest of their time together.

“This is a sad situation, but we want to do what is best for these two brothers,” said Brian Weltge, president and CEO of the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. “Their bond is so strong and the love they have for one another is indescribable. We want to do what we can to make the rest of their lives together as stress-free and filled with love as is possible.”

Anyone who is interested in the steers should reach out to Stephanie Lewis, shelter manager, at

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