Does StubHub owe you a refund? You may be in luck

Ohio AG leads multistate investigation.

Ticket reseller StubHub agreed to issue refunds to thousands of Ohioans who bought tickets to events that were later canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost led a multistate investigation in response to numerous complaints that StubHub was violating its “FanProtect Guarantee” policy that provides full refunds on ticket purchases and fees if events are canceled. StubHub suspended its policy in March 2020 following the mass cancellation of events over COVID-19 concerns.

Instead of refunds, StubHub offered credits of $120% of ticket purchase prices for future events. The policy change affected more than 12,000 StubHub customers who bought tickets to Ohio events before March 25, 2020, according to Yost’s announcement.

StubHub will honor its refund policies, not change refund policies for purchased tickets without the consumer’s consent; and promptly process any refund requests for the affected tickets, according to the agreement reached Tuesday.

A $654,000 civil penalty against StubHub will be suspended so long as StubHub pays the refunds it owes its Ohio customers and does not violate other agreement terms, Yost said.

Consumers who have not been contacted by StubHub and who believe a refund is owed should contact StubHub at 866-788-2482 or the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at or 800-282-0515.

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