Gas prices up nearly $1 from last year as Ohio reports largest weekly price hike

Credit: David Zalubowski

Credit: David Zalubowski

Motorists continue to pay at the pump this summer with national average gas prices nearly a dollar higher than last year and with Ohio reporting the largest weekly jump in the country.

On average, gas prices in Ohio increased by 11 cents from last week, the highest of any state, according to AAA. Michigan and Utah tied for second with a 10-cent increase.

Nationwide prices jumped 13 cents to $3.17, up 98 cents from this time last year, when the coronavirus pandemic resulted in lockdowns and canceled summer vacations.

Demand to travel and for gasoline soared this year after vaccines helped bring the pandemic numbers down considerably and states lifted many health restrictions.

“It’s a cruel summer at the gas pump with prices showing little signs of relief,” said Jeanette McGee, AAA spokesperson. “However, the more expensive prices aren’t stopping motorists from filling-up based on strong gasoline demand numbers.”

High crude oil prices continue to drive the cost of gas despite a decrease in price last week, according to AAA. While crude oil prices could drop under $70/bbl, AAA still expects higher gas prices throughout the rest of the summer.

As of Monday, Ohio’s average gas price was $3.11 per gallon, with Dayton slightly higher at $3.13. It’s more than a dollar increase from Dayton’s average price of $2.05 in 2020 and up more than dime from June’s average of $3.01.

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