Handmade Ukrainian Easter eggs on display at UD library

Pysanky are from the collection of alumna Tina Waypa Schlegel.

Handmade Ukrainian Easter eggs, known as pysanky, will be on display through April 25 in the University of Dayton’s Roesch Library.

The 22 pysanky on loan are from the collection of UD alumna Tina Waypa Schlegel, according to a release from the university.

“Pysanky is a family tradition and something I learned in my childhood,” Waypa Schlegel said. “As members of a Ukrainian Catholic church in the Pittsburgh area where I grew up, my family made pysanky as part of our Lenten traditions.”

The eggs are created from a form of batik wax-resist technique involving “repeated dyeing and drawing with melted beeswax.” The designs are written with a melted beeswax using a stylus called a kistka. As the lines are drawn, the wax hardens to protect the egg. The process of writing and dyeing, from lightest to darkest color, is repeated until the last dye is applied. Once the final design is finished, the wax is melted from the egg and the design is unveiled, the release said.

Each pysanky is unique and has significant meaning. Traditionally they were used in preparation for Easter but also at births, burials, weddings and housewarmings, the release said.

Visitors during the week will need to obtain a parking pass at the visitors booth on College Park Avenue.

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