ILLY’S Fire Pizza leaves W. Social Tap & Table

Credit: Jim Noelker

Credit: Jim Noelker

ILLY’S Fire Pizza is returning to its roots after nearly two years at W. Social Tap & Table in Dayton’s historic Wright-Dunbar District.

“We want to get out in the community a little more and we can do that in the trailer,” said Robert Gunn, who owns the business with his wife, Kelly. “We love serving the community. We like doing festivals. We like being face-to-face with our customers.”

Its last day at the food hall was Friday, May 31.

Credit: Jim Noelker

Credit: Jim Noelker

ILLY’S Fire Pizza started as a family tradition and turned into a priority when Gunn lost his job working for a telephone company. He previously said he had the idea of making pizza on Christmas Eve after he and his daughter had a flour fight.

“I just fell in love with the craft of making pizza and it stemmed from there,” Gunn said.

The business was launched in March 2013. Before they moved into the food hall, they were operating a mobile business where they set up an oven under a tent in the community. In 2022, they upgraded their mobile set-up to an enclosed 24-foot, wood-fired pizza trailer. Over the last two years, they have fell in love with the idea of being at job sites, community events and showing up in the public more.

Moving into the food hall, their goal was to provide a healthier alternative for pizza by using turkey products and no pork or beef. Gunn said this did not align with the diets of those that came through the food hall.

Key takeaways from his experience at W. Social Tap & Table include making sure his overhead costs are low and having various options on the menu because your competition is right next door. When ILLY’S Fire Pizza first opened in the food hall they only had pizza. They’ve since added wings, boneless wings, calzones, pasta bowls, salads, sandwiches and more to their menu.

ILLY’S Fire Pizza will continue to do events throughout the Dayton region. Their next big event is the City of West Carrollton’s Summer Concert Series featuring Velvet Crush and a drone show on June 13. Throughout the week, they can be found at Amazon Fulfillment Center and P&G in Vandalia.

In the future, they have plans to bottle ILLY’S signature pizza sauce and introduce pizza kits and take and bake pizzas. To find out where they will be next, visit

W. Social Tap & Table has identified a new tenant for this space. Additional details are not available at this time.

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