Killer Brownie Co. executes production, packaging expansion

Leaders of the Killer Brownie Co. see a future with more brownies — a lot more brownies.

“Added 12,000 square feet of #warehouse space so we can have more brownie production and #packaging space,” Matt Ross, vice president of operations at Killer Brownie, wrote on the LinkedIn web site recently.

Production has already ramped up, Ross said in an interview Monday.

In 2019, Dorothy Lane Market confirmed to this newspaper its $1 million purchase of an industrial building at 650 Precision Court in Miamisburg as a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Ross said Monday the warehouse is across the street from the 650 Precision location. This year the company will produce some 600,000 cases of brownies. “That translates into, as far as retail packages of individual brownies, millions of individual packages.”

“I think it’s a unique, high quality product, and I think that people are drawn to the culture that we have, and I think people want to be part of that,” Ross said.

The Killer Brownie story in recent years has been one of steady growth and demand.

“I refer to it sometimes as a 30-year startup, because the growth we’ve had in the last four years, you usually see that kind of growth in start-ups,” Ross said.

“More Killer Brownie is always a good thing! We see many new brownie flavors in our future,” Chimene Mayne Ross, daughter of Norman Mayne, Dorothy Lane Market CEO, told the Dayton Daily News in 2019 after the purchase of the Miamisburg manufacturing facility.

As of October 2016, Killer Brownie, which is a separate wholesale entity from Dorothy Lane Market but owned by the same family, already boasted more than 100 products in the brownie category through Killer Brownie and other everyday and gourmet brownies spread in national restaurant, retail chains and supermarkets.

Ross said customers today can find Killer Brownies at 5,000 retail locations across the United States, Canada, Panama and Puerto Rico.

“I always thought of Dorothy Lane as: They’re bringing the world of food to Dayton, Ohio, and Killer Brownies, they’re giving back to the world,” he said.

The business has just over 70 employees and needs to hire 10 more, Ross also said Monday.

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