Kings Island switching to cashless-only payments this month

Kings Island has announced it will no longer accept cash at its in-park locations, starting in mid-July.

Patrons will be able to pay using credit cards, debit cards or using a smart device with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The park said that it will also set up four kiosks throughout the park and one kiosk in the waterpark for patrons to load up to $500 in cash onto a prepaid debit card, which it said can be used anywhere Visa is accepted inside and outside the park.

Kings Island said that the decision to switch to cashless payments was because of the ability to have contactless transactions, and added the cashless payments are faster, safer and secure.

The prepaid cards don’t have a fee to create, but do charge $3.95 if they have not been used for 92 days, according to the park.

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated efforts by many businesses to move to cashless payment systems. While some have embraced the change, others have criticized it for reasons that include the potential to cause problems for those in poverty or without banking services.

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