Montgomery County ARC pauses accepting stray dogs due to illness among staff

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has announced that due to widespread illness among its staff it is temporarily not accepting stray dogs, according to releases on the ARC website.

The shelter originally announced the pause on Thursday, Jan. 21, writing that like many organizations, “the pandemic is taking a toll on us, too.”

An update released Monday from ARC Director Robert Gruhl added that the “vast majority of staff” with authority and certifications to administer vaccines or other veterinary services are currently out sick, with only one person remaining who can legally do so.

He said that any incoming stray animal has to receive vaccinations and undergo tests before it can enter the ARC’s general population.

Gruhl did not say whether the “toll” mentioned in the first announcement referred to staff members contracting COVID-19, saying that there is a “fine line between transparency and disclosing private information[.]”

In the mean time, the ARC said that if you find a stray dog, you can contact one of the rescue organizations listed on the ARC website, or to contact the police if you believe the animal is a threat or bring abused.

The ARC does not provide shelter and care for cats, but instead refers residents to organizations like SICSA and the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.

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