Rainy day blues? Go on a trip without leaving your house

This weekend has been a mix of sunshine and a lot of rain. Want to escape the cloudy day? Here are some ways you can travel without leaving your house.

A window around the world

Ever wondered what it would be like to open your window to a busy city street in Argentina or maybe you want to see an iguana eating some leaves in Miami, Florida. Now you can visit anywhere in the world from Russia to the United Kingdom all the way to Serbia.

The website window-swap.com allows users to see a peaceful forest to a quiet city street anywhere in the world.

It’s easy to get lost in all the places you can look out the window to.

Drive and Listen

Do you miss the thrill of driving around a new city? Or maybe sitting in the back of an Uber or taxi as you watch the scenery change out the window.

Try Drive and Listen, you can choose the city you want to take a car ride through and also select the music you want to listen to.

If you are feeling extra nostalgic you can even add street noise in the background.

This site was created by student Erkam Şeker, according to travelandleisure.com. Anyone can take a virtual drive around one of the 38 available cities, taking in the sights and sounds of the street as well as local radio stations.

‘I miss my bar’

If you miss the atmosphere and ambiance of a bar or restaurant try this out and pour yourself a nice drink.

The website is called I miss my bar.

Created by Mauricio Mastropiero, this website links a Spotify playlist to the page for bar-style music. The website also allows you to change the level of background noise such as music, people talking, how full the room is, and even the bartender working.

Want to add a different mood to the sounds? You can adjust the sound of rain on windows.

Go for a walk around the world

If you get carsick, try going for a walk.

The website City Walks offers the user the option of taking a walk through dozens of cities. Similar to the Listen and Drive experience, you can adjust the sounds and take a virtual walk.

The developers for City Walks are Aristomenis Georgiopoulos & Artemis Stiga, who also created Listen and Drive.

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