Red Bird Pizza to open this summer in Miamisburg

Miamisburg neighbors Christian Clothier and Ife Olaore are opening Red Bird Pizza, an East Coast inspired pizzeria at 18 N. Second St.

Clothier, a pizza connoisseur originally from New Jersey, is creating his version of New York style pizza using elements from Neapolitan pizza like fresh ingredients from local farmers and producers. His goal is to provide fresh, high quality pizza made with the best ingredients they can find.

“I say New York style because it will look that way to most people, but I’m not necessarily following any particular set of rules,” Clothier said.

How his dream became a reality

Before Clothier moved to the Dayton area in 2012, he worked at Carpe Diem Pub and Restaurant in New Jersey for four years.

“While I was working there I always was kind of dreaming of my own place,” Clothier said. “Pizza, I’ve been obsessed since I was a kid. My grandmother would always take me for a slice.”

He was planning to open a pizzeria in 2012, but plans were put on hold. In 2020 when Clothier moved to his current home, Olaore introduced himself as a neighbor and soon after they became close friends.

Olaore recalled finding out about Clothier’s dream to open a pizzeria and his experience of trying a slice for the first time. He said it was the best pizza he’s had in his entire life and remembered asking, “Why hasn’t the world experienced this pizza?”

Fast forward two years, they asked the former owners of the property at 18 N. Second St. if they were interested in selling. The couple was ready to retire and closed Dour Printing in June 2023. Since then, Clothier and Olaore have been hashing out the business plan and making the pizzeria dream into a reality. Olaore was the one that “lit the fire” and convinced Clothier it was time to make it happen.

What to expect at Red Bird Pizza

The 3,200-square-foot pizzeria will be a social hub for people in the neighborhood to meet their neighbors. The environment will be relaxed with an industrial feel that is expected to evolve over time.

Red Bird Pizza will serve 16-inch pies as well as individual slices of pizza. The menu is expected to start out small with six types of pizzas, a meatball sandwich and salads. They will also serve desserts like fresh baked cookies, banana chocolate chip muffins and bread pudding. Drinks will include cocktails and small-batch soda.

Seating will include a mix of four tops and soft seating such as couches. The owners said they will also have a standing bar like Joe’s Pizza in New York City.

If all goes as planned, they hope to start testing pies in late April or early May, followed by a soft opening with friends and family. They plan to be up and running fully by the middle of June.

Olaore wants people to feel safe, celebrated and heard at the pizzeria. He noted Clothier has an “uncompromising” attitude when it comes to his perception of quality, which is sure to translate into the space and quality of food.

Pizzeria honors Clothier’s grandmothers

The pizzeria will also stand as a tribute to Clothier’s grandmothers.

The name of the pizzeria comes from his late grandmother, Betty Livingston, who was obsessed with cardinals. Clothier said she had a dream to open a bed and breakfast called the Red Bird Inn.

His 94-year-old grandmother, Daphne Clothier, is reflected through the pizza itself. He recalled several memories of enjoying pizza with his grandmother and her obsession with pizza. If she didn’t live in New Jersey, Clothier said Red Bird Pizza would be her go-to spot.

Pizza has always been an anchor point in Clothier’s daily life. He says opening a pizzeria is like “sharing a piece of me.”

Couldn’t do it without each other

“This is his vision,” Olaore said. “I’m honored to be able to help push it to reality.”

Olaore was born in Nigeria and grew up in Los Angeles County, California. He moved to the Dayton area 10 years ago. His experience in real estate development and human resources has been instrumental in getting the pizzeria going.

“I literally couldn’t do it without him, but I also literally wouldn’t (have) done it without him,” Clothier said.

They both look forward to getting the doors open and anticipate success. They also ask patrons to be patient as they learn the pace of the business.

Red Bird Pizza is looking for good people passionate about pizza who pay attention to detail and care about other people. Anyone interested should email,

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