Remember these ice storms in the Dayton area? 7 events that caused havoc in recent decades

We went into the archives for a look at ice events that caused problems throughout the region.

Early January 1996

Over multiple days between Jan. 2 and Jan. 11, 1996, three waves of winter storms and snow pounded the area.

In the first wave, up to 1 foot of snow fell in some parts of the region before more heavy snow produced the most accumulation since the Blizzard of 1978. Then, in a third wave, ice and snow mixed for difficult conditions.

Here’s the front page from Jan. 8, 1996:

Early February 1996

Extreme cold over five days including freezing temperatures mixed with some ice and snow. On some days, high temperatures were in the low single digits.

Here’s the front page from Feb. 4, 1996:

January 1997

On Jan. 24, 1997, rain fell as temperatures moved down into freezing, which caused extremely icy conditions. There was up to one quarter of an inch of ice on the roads in many loations.

Here’s the front page from Jan. 25, 1997

January 1999

In three weather events from Jan. 1-13, 1999, a mix of snow, freezing rain and low temperatures led to nearly two weeks of difficult weather conditions. In some parts of the area, up to one inch of ice accumulated, which led headline writers for the Dayton Daily News to say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

Here’s the front page from Jan. 14, 1999:

March 2002

Numerous areas received a half inch of ice, which brought down trees and powerlines, and caused many accidents due to slippery roads.

Here’s the front page from March 27, 2002:

February 2011

Up to a half inch of ice was recorded in area municipalities from the storm that dropped precipitation on the area in freezing temperatures over a little more than a day.

Here’s the front page from Feb. 3, 2011:

November 2018

A quarter-inch of ice accumulated over two days in the late fall, which caused power outages that lasted multiple days in some cases. It was one of the most significant fall ice events in area weather history.

Here’s the front page from Nov. 16, 2018:

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