Sound Valley Connect membership program aids area musicians



Zac Pitts and Ashley Karsten, who worked diligently to modernize Dayton’s original music scene, have launched their biggest initiative yet: Sound Valley Connect. The new membership program for area bands and artists was in development for years.

“This has always been the goal,” Pitt said. “When the pandemic happened, our master plan was put on hold for two years. It has taken so long to get things up and going after that because we’re trying to do things strategically so there is value for everybody.”

Enrollment in Sound Valley Connect is available for $37 per month through June 5. After that, the price will double for access to a library of marketing resources, promotional assistance and discounts on the company’s photography and video services.

“We’re trying to build a pipeline where there’s no guesswork on how artists should market themselves,” Pitts said. “They always need video content and photography. They won’t have to search for somebody to create that content because we’ll help them do it. We’re trying to make this one cohesive unit.”

Pitts used the Sound Valley Connect approach for his latest solo single, “Clarity,” which he released in April.

“I did ‘Clarity’ in this strategic way, and I want to teach other bands how to do that, too,” he said. “Even if you don’t tour you can reach somebody out in Utah, or wherever, if you know how to run marketing. You have to target those people, create a connection and get them to opt in and check out your stuff.”

Pitts believes building a stronger network won’t just benefit participating artists but Dayton’s entire original music scene.

“If we all do this together, Dayton has the potential to be recognized for its music scene,” he said. “We can create a larger ecosystem if we’re all working on this together. The whole idea is connecting local artists with the resources they need to actually do this thing and create a sustainable income with their music. We’re trying to give them the tools and resources they need.”

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