St. Anne the Tart to relocate to bigger space, owner says

St. Anne the Tart, a bakery and coffee shop in Dayton, is planning to relocate, Megan Smith, the owner reported. The announcement comes as the coffee shop is celebrating its two-year anniversary. As they search for a new location, day-to-day business will be closed.

Smith said that despite restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Anne the Tart continued to thrive through both in-person and online sales. However, Smith said she wanted to offer a space that makes everyone feel like home.

“When we work, it’s solely for the purpose of making every person that we come into contact with feel that they’ve found a bit of home,” she said. “A feeling of safety, acceptance, peace and happiness. This is so important to us that we hire and let go on this principle alone.”

St. Anne the Tart will stop day to day baking while they search for a new location, Smith said. She said their current location is too small to seat customers in a way that accommodates social distancing. She also said that the greenhouse outside their building, which was part of an outdoor structure grant, will close at the end of March. Customers can still rent the space out until it closes, Smith said.

Smith said the current location is too small and, with current social distancing procedures, is not accessibility friendly.

While the bakery will be closed, Smith said boxes will be available to order for spring holidays and she will accept gift cards online for custom orders. She said she will share updates on the relocation project as she and her staff work.

“I wish I could tell you all of the monumental things in the works behind-the-scenes, but I’m asking you to come on this journey with us and find out in real-time as we’re able to spill the beans. We want you to be a part of what is next as it unfolds,” she said.

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