Steak Escape: New cheesesteak restaurant to open in Englewood

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

The signs are up! A new cheesesteak restaurant is coming soon to West National Road in Englewood.

Steak Escape Sandwich Grill will be located in the 2,500-square-foot building at 485 W. National Road where United Dairy Farmers was previously located. The convenience store moved across the street into a new building in 2015, said City of Englewood Development Director William Singer.

The new restaurant should be open in the next couple of weeks, according to the construction manager. They are waiting for some kitchen appliances to arrive.

Steak Escape will share the building with the Englewood Outlet, which is a convenience store. Customers can expect a variety of cheesesteaks, grilled subs, bowls, loaded fries and much more. The restaurant uses 100% USDA Choice steak and all-white meat chicken with no added hormones, the website states.

Vegetables are chopped and sliced every morning and the smell of fresh-baked Italian rolls fills the restaurant all day long. Their fries are cut every morning and afternoon from whole Idaho potatoes.

A drive-up window is something that’s being added to the building, Singer said.

Steak Escape was founded in 1982 by “self-proclaimed cheesesteak addicts” Ken Smith and Mark Turner who opened their first location in Columbus.

“Their first store wasn’t much larger than a closet — 209 square feet — but that didn’t stop it from becoming the sales leader in the market area where the business resided,” the website stated. “To Smith and Turner though, it was no surprise, because they believed their guests wanted and deserved something better than an ordinary sandwich.”

Steak Escape has continued to grow over the last four decades.

“As people’s habits changed though, Steak Escape realized they needed to change as well. Dining convenience was on the rise and their customers were less willing to go to the mall just for a meal,” the website stated. “So the Steak Escape team embarked on a broad strategy to re-invent themselves as a dining experience that’s different than other restaurants in their category.”

The restaurant’s mission is “to be the day’s highlight of everyone who walks through the door” by creating a memorable experience that extends beyond food.

There is one other Steak Escape location in the Dayton region located at the Dayton Mall.

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