The Brunch Pub details plans to open in Centerville

Details are in for a new full-service restaurant/café coming to Centerville.

The Brunch Pub is planned for the former Las Piramides space at 101 W. Franklin St. in Uptown Centerville, a local historic district in the midst of a $10 million investment, as previously reported by this news outlet.

An economic development program assistance application recently submitted to the city of Centerville by Brunch Pub owner Ali Bas says the establishment will feature a full menu of “moderately priced ‘comfort’ food influenced by Italian, French and American cooking traditions, but based upon time-honored recipes from around the world.”

The café section will feature a coffeehouse with a dessert bar, magazines and space for live performances. A former party room will be used for a proposed “pub & grub” featuring high-end bar food and sports fare including pool tables and darts.

Guests also will be able to enjoy coffee, desserts and live entertainment or a game of cornhole in the gardens located adjacent to patio space.

Bas said the concept is built upon the success stories of Dayton’s many casual dining and coffeehouse venues.

“The Brunch Pub will provide accessible and affordable high-quality food, coffee-based products and entertainment to the thousands of residents and hotel visitors located within a five-mile radius,” Bas said in the application. “In time, we will establish ourselves as a ‘destination’ of choice to the many residents of the greater Dayton area, as well as numerous out-of-town visitors.”

Bas said the cafe will aim to provide a “sophisticated, sensual, yet casual dining and/or coffeehouse experience” for area residents and visitors.

The café plans to open in October and will employ 30 full-time, part-time and seasonal workers to start, a number that could grow to 75 employees by 2025.

Batu LLC bought the Las Piramides property at 101 W. Franklin St. from L Piramides Inc. for $312,000 in a transaction dated Aug. 18, Montgomery County records show.

The project will cost approximately $822,000 including acquisition of land and/or building (the aforementioned $312,000), building renovation ($300,000) and furniture and (fixtures $180,000, according to the application.

Funding for the project include $800,000 via private financing and a requested $50,000 in assistance from Centerville Community Improvement Corporation.

CCIC makes funds available through the Economic Development Program to support projects that meet certain programmatic thresholds, including revitalizing a vacant or underutilized property and being part of a Strategic Plan priority, significant community project or aligning with a priority sector, such as technology, defense, office or advanced manufacturing

CCIC investment also must be less than 10% of total project cost.

CCIC Economic Development program funds are provided through forgivable loans, up to $50,000. All awards are subject to approval of the CCIC Board of Directors.

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