Troy senior living center hosts surprise ceremony for resident veterans

StoryPoint Troy Senior Living hosted a surprise celebration for their resident veterans, some of which are World War II veterans. The Honor Guard from a VFW in Troy performed at the ceremony.

13 veterans and nine veterans’ wives live at StoryPoint, Life and Enrichment Director Alyssa Via said. Two of the veterans are WWII veterans.

Via said that Ralph Boss, a StoryPoint resident and WWII veteran’s family lives in Wisconsin. His family attended the ceremony as a surprise.

“Ralph and I have been talking, but he did not know his family was coming. He FaceTimes with his family every Friday,” Via said. “But we’ve kept this under wraps for about three weeks now, so Ralph was completely surprised. I told him this morning we had some surprises, but we definitely took the cake on this one.”

Another WWII veteran visited with his two daughters who came in from Michigan.

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