Uber launches teen accounts in Dayton, Cincy other cities

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Credit: Justin Sullivan

On Monday, Uber launched a new kind of account specifically for teenagers in 14 cities across the country, including Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus.

According to a release from the company from earlier this month, the feature is part of its family profile feature, where multiple Uber accounts are linked together. The company said this lets families pay for rides and deliveries from a central account, as well as receive location and order updates.

Uber said that teen accounts are “built for parents and caretakers of 13-17 year olds” to get teens from place to place.

It also said the accounts would only be able to use “experienced and highly-rated drivers,” and would include features like “Verify My Ride,” “RideCheck,” audio recording, and live trip tracking.

It also said parents could contact the driver during the trip, contact Uber’s support team or report issues on behalf of the teen. Safety features can’t be turned off, though the teen has to opt into audio recording.

Teen accounts will be able to take trips that start and end in the greater metropolitan area of any city where teen accounts are live. Teens can bring other riders with them, but only if those riders are 13 or older and have the permission of a parent or guardian.

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