Coronavirus cases, positivity rate lower in Ohio than most surrounding states

As Ohio continues work to slow the spread of coronavirus, recent data showed the state has less cases and a lower positivity rate compared to most of its neighboring states.

Gov. Mike DeWine shared data Tuesday that compared Ohio’s cases and testing to Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan and Pennsylvania from Aug. 30 through Sept. 12.

During that two-week period, Ohio went third in the region for coronavirus cases per 100,000 people to fifth, with only Pennsylvania reporting less cases.

Ohio also has a lower positivity rate than most of the region. At the end of August, Ohio from fourth highest to fifth at 3.6%.

As of Sept. 12, Michigan had the lowest positivity rate at 3.1% and Indiana the highest at 7.2% as of Sept. 12.

As for testing, the Buckeye State finished the two-week period second in the state for testing per 100,000 people at 231, despite a dip in testing in the week following the Labor Day holiday.

Michigan topped the region for testing at 274, with Pennsylvania at the bottom with 89.

DeWine noted that all the states in the region are working hard and doing well at slowing the spread, but added that he likes to check on Ohio is doing compared to the region from time to time.

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