Coronavirus: Ohio passes 200,000 total cases

Ohio has surpassed 200,000 total cases of coronavirus with 2,116 cases reported Monday, according to Ohio Department of Health.

There have been 200,231 total cases reported in the state throughout the pandemic.

On Saturday, the state broke its record for daily cases reported for the fourth day in a row with 2,858. In the last two weeks, the record has been broken seven times.

Ohio has reported more than 2,000 daily cases for the last seven days, according to the ODH. The 21-day reported case average is 1,917.

Franklin County has the highest number of COVID-19 cases than any other county in the state with 32,468. Montgomery County is fourth with 10,959 and Butler County is fifth with 8,727, according to ODH data.

Most cases are in people ages 20-29 with 41,728. Ages 30-39 make up for the second highest group with 29,539.

As Ohio cases and hospitalizations continue to climb, Gov. Mike DeWine has repeated pleas for Ohioans to take the virus seriously and to follow health guidelines.

“Sadly, our situation in Ohio continues to worsen,” he said Thursday. “For my fellow Ohioans who have felt that until now this virus really did not impact their life or their family and that they would react when it was really serious — I say to them that the time is now.”

On Monday, 140 hospitalizations were reported for a total of 18,235. There are 446 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in southwest Ohio, according to the ODH.

ICU admissions increased by 37 for a total of 3,751. Ohio reported 11 deaths Monday, bringing the total to 5,217.

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